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Pediatric Dentist Sugar Land, TX 77478  - Dr. Ben Villalon and Dr. Amber Callis
Pediatric Dentists Sugarland, TX  77478 - Drs. Villalon and Callis


Due to the ongoing hazardous weather conditions, the office will remain closed through Labor Day. Our thoughts and prayers are with our patients and families.
Thank you and stay safe.

Taking your child to the dentist has never been easy until now!


In fact, once they come to see us at Villalon Callis Pediatric Dentistry, they usually don't want to go home. That's because with all of the latest video games, toys, and stuffed animals, it feels like more of a playground than a dental office. But you can be sure that even with all the fun things to do, your kids will still get the latest quality dental care to keep their smiles healthy and sparkling.


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